Wayward Strand Cast announcement

Wayward Strand Announces Dazzling Australian and International Cast

rebel beach, the narrative adventure game developed by Melbourne-based studio Ghost Pattern, has announced that its characters will be brought to life by the great Australian cast. They include people like Michael Caton (the castle), Jenny Seedsman (Blue heels), and Anne Charleston (neighbours), Among many others.

Set on a floating hospital in an alternate reality of 1970s Australia, the VISCREEN-funded game follows teenage protagonist Casey as she discovers more about the hospital’s inhabitants and history. The environment works like clockwork: inhabitants move and events occur whether or not Casey is there to witness them, which means she can choose to have Casey follow particular characters and narrative threads on her own.

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Fourteen-year-old Casey was played by Nancy Curtis, who recorded more than 1,200 pages of dialogue, according to Ghost Pattern. Curtis joins a veteran roster of Australian actors, including: anne charleston (Better known as Madge from neighbours) who plays Ida Vaughan; miguel caton (The Castle, The Sullivans, Last Taxi to Darwin), who plays the ‘loquacious’ Neil Avery; Y Jenny Seeds (Neighbors, Blue Heelers, State Coroner) who plays the stern Ruth Beaumaris.

Joining them is the Bunurong man Shane Clayton, who Ghost Pattern says brought ‘warmth and heart’ to the character of Ted Muir; prominent Austrian and German actor Erhard Hartman, who plays Heinrich Pruess; and Australian director michela ledwidgewho acts as Esther Fitzgerald (pictured above).

The theater actor and scholar of anthropology will play additional roles. Josiah Lulham as director of the Felix Pettigrew hospital; John Barrett like Devin the cook; actor, producer and horticulturist Harriet Wallace Mead as nurses Lily Marshall; actor and health worker peter paltrow as nurses Joe Tagliabue; Y jennifer vuletic like Dr. Margo Bouchard.

Finally, the character of Dr. Celene Shen was played by renee lim, who is both a practicing actor and a practicing doctor.

Voiceover work was recorded at Original Score in Melbourne, ZigZag Post in Sydney, Innenhof in Vienna, and Voiceover Soho in London.

Despite this strong cast announcement, Ghost Pattern teased that more characters, and the actors behind them, were still to be revealed until now. wayward strand eventual release.

rebel beach will be available on September 15, 2022 for PC via Steam, as well as for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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