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Review: Audio-Technica 3000 Series IEM System

Words from Sam McNiece

Audio Technical Group | RRP: $1,499

As a live sound engineer, performers using their own set of in-ear monitors are becoming the new norm. Live electronic acts who want to hear their low bass frequencies accurately, as well as bands who want a really loud mix on stage without having feedback issues from all the live microphones will bring or spec an in-ear monitoring system for their performance. live. .

In the past, in-ear monitoring systems were reserved for large-scale touring acts because their high initial cost was not economically viable for local and semi-professional musicians. As times have changed, wireless audio systems have become more efficient, easier to implement, and most importantly, quite affordable even for small local acts.

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For performers who crave an easy-to-implement, high-quality in-ear monitoring system for live performances and rehearsals comes the new 3000 Series IEM from Audio-Technica. This affordable wireless in-ear monitor system comes with an ATW-T205 stereo transmitter, an ATW-R3250 stereo receiver and a pair of ATH-E40 in-ear monitor headphones, which is enough to start your journey to take control. of your monitor. sound.

Modeled after their popular 3000 series UHF wireless microphone systems, the form factor of this product is sleek and professional. The all-black aesthetic coupled with OLED displays on both the receiver and transmitter provide a clear and accurate readout of all the essential data needed to operate the system, including name, battery level, frequency, channel selections, etc. group and channel and whether audio is streaming. The stereo transmitter is rack mountable, making it a viable option for integration into a touring setup, while still being small enough to be unobtrusive if deployed on stage.

The receiver features multiple screen display options that provide the information you need based on your configuration. For example, if you’re the sound engineer and don’t need the artist to see information about what specific frequency is set, you can display the channel name, which means they always know which receiver is yours. The lightweight cabinet features a double-sided latch to release the battery compartment to prevent you from accidentally opening it mid-gig.

Audio-Technica has added pro-level features to this set, with the transmitter capable of automatically scanning and finding the right frequencies for wireless audio use, not to mention the built-in high and low frequency EQ, limiter, gain and shelving controls. balance at the receiver. . There is a mono balance mode that allows you to mix the left and right channels in mono on each receiver, allowing the artist to customize the level between two different audio signals which could be their vocals and the instruments in the band for example .

The ATH-E40s integrated monitor in-ear headphones use Audio-Technica’s patented dual-phase push-pull drivers that deliver a high level of clarity and definition while isolating you from the outside environment. There are multiple silicone tips which made them fit securely and comfortably inside my ears during testing. The sound these headphones delivered over the wireless system was immense, a well-balanced sound that provided immersion across the entire frequency spectrum without overdoing the highs or lows. A unique part of these in-ear monitor headphones is the easily detachable cable which firstly prevents the sometimes fragile IEM cables from getting caught on something and secondly makes the cable easily replaceable and easy to use. interchangeable. Not only that, but they have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack on the output with a low impedance (12 ohms), which means they can function as your everyday headphones by simply plugging them into any consumer device ( like your phone).

With a built-in network connection, the IEM transmitter included in the package can be remotely controlled using Audio-Technica’s wireless management software. With the software you can rename your transmitters, scan the frequency band for used frequencies, and finally, and most importantly, generate a coordinated frequency plan to avoid these used frequencies and send that information to the transmitters. This can save you time and effort trying to find frequencies that do not cause interference or intermodulation between different frequencies, a real winner in terms of usability and functionality.

Using the receivers with high-quality rechargeable batteries, I was able to use the system for just over six hours at a time, which would allow you to use it for sound check and concert without worrying about dropping it. I also didn’t experience interruptions during testing when walking around my house to the street about 50 meters away, which almost convinced me to buy a set for my home study so I could walk to the other end of my house and listen to a mixture. I’m working while cooking a meal!

Perhaps a big part of this suite is the ease with which it can be scaled to suit your needs. Let’s say you’re a solo artist and you buy one for yourself and then decide to start playing with another musician. You can simply buy another receiver and both can access the same monitor mix. You could even set up two separate mixes and send them mono to a receiver and now each of you can have independent mono mixes with a single transmitter, the monitoring possibilities are fixed.

All in all, this Audio-Technica in-ear monitoring system is a quality professional product that will satisfy both small- and large-scale implementations for artists and venues. Rugged construction combined with robust RF connectivity options, and more importantly, clear and precise audio transmission that drives the included IEMs fantastically, makes the Audio-Technica 3000 Series IEM System a go-to choice. fantastic for those in the market to upgrade their audio monitoring.

Head over to Audio-Technica for more information. For local inquiries, contact the Technical Audio Group.

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