Pokemon Go's Bug Out Event Adds Mega Scizor, Shiny Venipede, And More

Pokemon Go’s Bug Out Event Adds Mega Scizor, Shiny Venipede, And More

Pokemon Go’s Bug Out returns next week. The bug-themed event kicks off on August 2nd. 10 and introduces a handful of new bug Pokémon to catch, including Mega Scizor, Shiny Venipede, and Grubbin. Additionally, there will be new challenges and research tasks to complete, along with various in-game bonuses to earn.

Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s Bug Out.

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The Bug Out event starts at 10am local time on August 1st. 10 and ends at 8 pm local time on August 2. sixteen.

featured pokemon

Several new Bug Pokémon will make their debut during this year’s Bug Out, including Mega Scizor. You’ll be able to encounter the Mega Evolved Pokémon in Mega Raids throughout the event, and each time you defeat it, you’ll gain energy to Mega Evolve into your very own Scizor.

On top of that, Alola Pokemon Grubbin will appear in the wild throughout the event. Once you’ve accumulated 25 Grubbin Candy, you can turn it into Charjabug, which can then evolve into Vikavolt if you feed it 100 Grubbin Candy near an active Magnetic Lure Module.

Various other Bug Pokémon will also appear more frequently during the event, including the shiny Venipede, which will mark your first chance to catch one in the game. You can see the full list of featured Pokémon below:


  • caterpillar
  • bad weed
  • ledyba
  • Spinarak
  • Yanma
  • pineco
  • worm
  • Surshit
  • Cricket
  • Skorupi
  • coming
  • carrablast
  • Joltic
  • Dwebble
  • Helmet
  • grubbin
  • dew spider

One star raids

three star raids

  • poisonous moth
  • Pinsir
  • Fortress
  • coo

five star raids

mega raids


Along with the featured Pokémon, some bonuses will be active during the Bug Out event. You’ll earn double the normal XP each time you successfully catch a Pokémon with a Good, Great, or Excellent cast.

Additionally, certain Bug Pokémon will appear in much larger numbers in a gym if three or more players join a raid in person. The Pokémon that will appear will vary depending on the day. You can see the full schedule below:

  • August 10 – Worm
  • August 11 – Caterpillar
  • August 12 – Espinarak
  • August 13 – Venipedes
  • August 14 – Cricket Boy
  • August 15 – Weed
  • August 16 – Ledyba

Pokemon Go has plenty of other events scheduled for this month. the legendary pokemon Palkia is showing up in raids through August. 10, while August Community Day is set for August. 13. You can see everything else that happens in our August Events Summary.

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