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Pokémon GO Fest Finale 2022 will include encounter with mythical Pokémon

It was another great summer season for pokemon go, the popular mobile adventure game from Niantic. While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced Niantic to adjust how pokemon go worked to keep trainers safe while scouting, the game has since returned to normal over the past year while restrictions have started to relax. Unfortunately, a portion of the player base hasn’t been thrilled with these changes, as many player-friendly changes have reverted to their pre-pandemic style.


An important piece of pokemon go that was shelved by the pandemic were the GO Fest events, these massive gatherings and celebrations for the community in various cities. However, Niantic finally brought the in-person event back this year, splitting it into 3 different locations from Berlin, Seattle, and finally Sapporo. Offering unique opportunities and special research, these events have also introduced Ultra Beasts to the mobile game for the first time, including Buzzwole, Xurkitree, and others.

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During the last direct of Pokémon Presents, pokemon go it also had some announcements reserved for fans. While the Sapporo GO Fest takes place next weekend, the reveal touched on what fans can expect for the Finale event taking place on August 27 from 10am to 6pm local time. The four Ultra Beasts, Nihilego, Buzzwole, Pheromosa, and Xurkitree will gather in the final global event, open to all trainers from around the world to participate.

During the ending, players will also encounter Pokemon not normally seen in the wild as they help GO Ultra Recon Squad character Rhi with Ultra Beast and find out what happened to Professor Willow. Special Research will also be available and those who manage to complete it will encounter the mythical Sky Forme Shaymin. Originally introduced within Generation 4, Shaymin’s Sky Forme is a Flying and Grass dual-type that looks a bit more imposing than its traditional hedgehog-like grass form.

Along with the GO Fest Finale, August will be a busy month for pokemon go Players like Niantic recently revealed the schedule of activities, including the Legendaries and Mega Raids that will be available. For August, players can take on Palkia, Genesect, and then Sword and Shield legends Zacian and Zamazenta. Also, pokemon go will have limited-time events, including one called Bug Out which, as expected, features only bug-type Pokemon to catch for a limited time.

pokemon go is available on Android and iOS.

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