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Meta’s new AI chatbot is next level

Google is one of the main companies behind artificial intelligence, but Meta is also a company with a toe in the AI ​​space. He has been working on some AI projects and wants to share one with the world. Facebook’s parent company Meta has a chatbot called Blenderbot 3, and you can access it right now.

If you are a person living in the United States or Canada, you will be able to freely access the bot to use it. The page itself is quite the opposite. It’s a blue background with the chat in the middle, a simple face on top, and some fancy animations on top. The magic happens when you start your conversation with the bot.

Meta designed BlenderBot 3 to be realistic

When you load the page, you’ll see an opening sentence from the bot and can start the conversation from there. It’s best to start the conversation with something more direct. The AI ​​will pick specific words from your message and go from there.

Write something like “I want to know more about how to be safe.” From there, you might get a response like “That’s good to worry about. There are all kinds of ways to stay safe, what do you want to know?” From there, just talk about what comes to mind.

chat metabot

So far, it’s pretty next level

Right now, Meta is testing Blenderbot 3, so you can expect some rough patches. Regardless, the AI ​​is pretty stellar. The AI ​​doesn’t just respond to what you say, it often gives detailed answers.

When asked how to stay safe when climbing mountains, he said talk to an experienced climber. Also, when told “I don’t want to talk to any climbers”, he responded accordingly.

The AI ​​suggested that he carry water while climbing mountains. I asked him why and he told me that being dehydrated impairs your judgment and that could make things more dangerous.

still developing

At this time, BlenderBot 3 is still in the development stage. You won’t get a flawless response every time, and you’ll run into instances where it says “I don’t know about that.” At that point, he will try to take the conversation in a different direction. If you want to try it, you can. Just go to this site.

Since you are literally entering text into a chatbot (owned by Meta, or all companies), there will definitely be people wondering about the security of their privacy. Be sure to read the terms of service before using it.

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