Ivory Coat Launches Bespoke Pet Magazine Through The Royals

Ivory Coat Launches Bespoke Pet Magazine Through The Royals

Natural pet food company Real Pet Food’s Ivory Coat brand has launched a new magazine, Pet Health Australia, produced by the brand’s registered creative agency, The Royals.

The magazine builds on the strategy of showcasing the benefits of the diet for pets in a way that pet owners can relate to, following the agency’s first work for the brand, which compared active people to active brands in a series of 15-second ads released in May. .

Pet Health Australia is ready to be packed with tips, tricks and articles that show pet owners how to keep their pets as healthy as they are. All content produced for the 64-page pet lifestyle magazine was produced, photographed and designed by The Royals Content Engineering Studio, the independent agency’s content arm, in association with the pet care experts at Real Pet Food.

Connie MacLulich, brand manager for the Royal Pet Food Company, said: “Pet Health is the perfect summary of Ivory Coat’s mission to provide better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle for Australia’s pets. The Royals have made a phenomenal job creating an entire magazine from scratch in what is a bold new phase for the Ivory Coat brand, we couldn’t be happier with the end result.”


With a print run of 10,000 and articles including the golden rules of pet exercise, what to ask your vet, and entering the world of pet tech with the latest technology from Petaverse, Pet Health magazine is distributed through from select specialty retailers and this month’s Dog magazine. Lovers show. The magazine will also be available for digital download on the Ivory Coat website.

This is the first issue of many to be printed in the coming months, the first issue focuses on how to keep your pet fit and healthy with an in-depth look at the diets and nutrients needed and the main exercises to lead a healthy life. active. life with a specialized program of Fur Intensity Training.

Royals executive creative director Sebastian Vizor said: “Ivory Coat has gone to great lengths to ensure their food is naturally nutritious with all the ingredients to boost health and wellness. But we found that people didn’t appreciate what that really means. With humans, many sources of information support the health of men and women. Surprisingly, however, none specifically expressed the benefits of our furry friends leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and thus the first publication on the welfare of pets.


Client: Royal Pet Food Company
Brand: Ivory Coat
Brand Manager, Real Pet Food Company: Connie MacLulich
Agency: The Royals
Printer: Special T
Photographer: Chloe Lambert

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