How to fix a broken iPhone volume button?  Here are some ideas!

How to fix a broken iPhone volume button? Here are some ideas!

One of the reasons iPhones offer better resale value compared to their Android partners is because of the powerful equipment. However, that doesn’t mean he’s immune to disappointment. Assuming the famous home button is known to have a sick ability after being exhausted, it’s nothing unexpected for the volume keys to stop, go limp and mushy, or fail to deliver much-needed criticism when your iPhone crashes.

This type of problem hurts the customer experience and can start to be disappointing in the long run. Assuming that you are facing this problem, check out these 11 useful tips and cheat when your iPhone volume buttons not working.

Tips to Fix iPhone Volume Buttons Not Working Issue (2022)

Before going through the answers to fix the iPhone volume key stuck or not working issue, how about we take a moment to look at the possible causes first? Then at that point we recorded the top 11 tips and solutions for this normal iPhone problem.

What could cause iPhone volume buttons to stop working?
Although the disappointment of the team is the main thing that draws attention when iPhone volume buttons become lethargic or stop working, you should not make a move too soon and visit a support community immediately. Things like a buildup of debris, articulating but inert buttons on your case, an interesting bug, or an outdated version of the product could also be causing the problem. Therefore, we will investigate all conceivable reasons and evaluate fixes in the same way.

Along the way, we will also discuss some reliable solutions that will allow you to control the volume on your iPhone without using the actual volume buttons. So, check out these possible iPhone volume button fixes, the main thing that needs attention:

  1. Ensure your iPhone’s volume buttons are enabled
    Relatively few iPhone customers may know this, however, iOS comes with a setting that allows you to enable/disable the volume buttons on your iPhone. So first, make sure it’s turned on.
  2. Delete your iPhone case
    Don’t accept it, there are some cases (particularly the less expensive and tougher ones) that need material buttons. In this way, in case you have installed a case on your iPhone, remove it and press the volume buttons to check if they work or not. In the event that the volume buttons turned out great for you, your case was the culprit and not your iPhone equipment. If you have any desire to buy a case with responsive buttons, we recommend that you take a look at our roundup of the best iPhone 13 cases, iPhone 13 Pro cases, and iPhone 13 Pro Max cases.
  3. clean volume buttons
    The presence of debris or dirt is hardly noticeable and never misses an opportunity to sneak into the ports and openings. In the event that the volume buttons appear to be stuck or stuck, there is a high chance that debris or dirt is causing the volume buttons to become unresponsive. You can use compressed air to remove debris from the volume buttons. In addition, we suggest you dip a cotton swab in isopropyl liquor and use it to clean the volume and fix it gently.
  4. Hard reset your iPhone
    Hard reset (also called hard reset) becomes arguably the most important factor when managing normal iOS 15 issues. Mainly due to its ability to quickly fix some issues, most iPhone customers consider it as a method of investigation . In this way, we should offer you a chance to solve iPhone volume button not working issue as well.
  5. Reset all settings
    Assuming your iPhone volume buttons are still not working, try resetting your iPhone to factory default settings. Please note that it will erase all the current settings on your iOS device and return them to their original state. However, your own media and information will remain secure.

[Fixed] iPhone volume buttons not working? The best solutions!

Ideally, the volume buttons on your iOS device work once again and you can easily change the volume. Many times essential tips including a hard reset can help you fix the problem.

Also, you should always make sure that the buttons on your case are responsive and that there is no build-up of dirt on the volume buttons, which could impair their function. Coincidentally, let us know the trick that helped you fix malfunctioning volume buttons. Also, assuming you are missing believed fixes from this wizard, let us know in the comment area below.

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