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Halo Infinite’s next update will be released next week and will bring cross-core visor customization.

what you need to know

  • 343 Industries has confirmed that Halo Infinite’s August “Drop Pod” update will be released on August 2. 9 on Xbox and PC.
  • The update brings several customization improvements, including the release of the cross-core visor customization and a wider range of helmet and helmet accessory combinations.
  • Additionally, the patch will also add ranked and team doubles to the game, as well as the bases for region select matchmaking that will be activated in a future update. Players will also be able to see what challenges they have while in the pause menu.

In a new preview blog on Halo Waypoint, 343 Industries has announced that Halo Infinite’s August “Drop Pod” update is scheduled to release next week on August 2. 9. The update includes several improvements to Halo Infinite’s customization system, as well as some new matchmaking options and a quality of life addition to the pause menu UI.

The highlight of the update is that once it is released, it will unlock cross-core visor customization for all players. This means that fans will be able to use any visor color they have unlocked in Halo Infinite’s five armor cores, giving them far more options for visor customization in each core than were available beforehand. This is a great first step towards cross-core customization in general, and hopefully the devs have plans to make other cosmetic items such as helmets, armor pieces, and armor accessories cross-core wearable in future updates. .

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The August Drop Pod also makes it possible for players to equip their Mark VII helmet attachments on a variety of Mark VII helmets that were not previously compatible with them. While not each The accessory will be usable with all helmets as “certain combinations may have cutouts or large gaps”, players in general will have much more options to choose from.

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