Google Duo app update brings Meet icon and name

Google Duo app update brings Meet icon and name

In recent days, the Meet merger has been widely implemented in Google Duo for Android and iOS. Google is now preparing to start the next phase in which the Meet icon and name replace Duo following an update to the mobile app.

The Google Duo icon (from 2016) with a white video camera inside the blue teardrop container will disappear. It will be replaced by a four-color square camera, while the name changes from “Duo” to “Meet”.

A notification will explain the change in more detail, and users will gain access to “video calling and meeting capabilities.” The latter requires you to sign in with a Google account (not just a phone number).

Video calling capabilities are still available in the updated Duo app on mobile devices at no cost. Chat history, contacts, and messages remain.

These Duo-to-Meet icon updates on Android and iOS start today and will be completed in September, and the Google Play and App Store listings will change as well. It comes as the original Google Meet app has been updated to “Meet (original)” with a green icon in recent days. This legacy client will eventually go away, though the functionality will remain in the Gmail tab.

Throughout this process, users can continue to use Meet (original) to join and schedule meetings, but we recommend using the updated Google Meet app to get combined video calling and meeting capabilities in one place.

At the same time, Google Meet branding will come to, but there are no changes to calling capabilities or features yet. In the coming months, the web app will redirect to

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