EA confirms its commitment to live service and single player games

EA confirms its commitment to live service and single player games

Electronic Arts, publisher of popular series such as FIFA, Dead Space and Apex Legends, reaffirmed its commitment to developing and publishing single-player games, despite earlier comments and financial reports showing higher revenue from live service games.

Live service games refer to games that have some sort of online component, receiving regular updates through patches and content drops. Examples of live service games would be Apex Legends and FIFA, both of which feature online game modes and microtransactions.

EA has, in the past, shown disdain for single player games. In 2017, EA shut down Visceral Games, the studio behind the popular horror shooter Dead Space, as well as canceling a single-player Star Wars title. The reasoning? EA believed that single player games were not as popular as live service games. As gaming site Dualshockers originally reported, they stated about linear games: “people don’t like [them] both today and five or ten years ago.”

In a recent call with shareholders and investors, CEO Andrew Wilson had this to say about single-player games: “When we think about our portfolio and we think about building it, we really think about two key vectors. One, how can we tell amazing stories and two, how can we build tremendous online communities and then how do we bring those two together.”

In a follow-up financial report, EA reported that more than 70% of the company’s profits come from live service games. Its net income for the last quarter of this fiscal year is approximately $450 million AUD, a growth of almost 50% over last year’s earnings.

EA’s heavy hitters in this space are FIFA, including FIFA Ultimate Team with 40% engagement growth, and FIFA Mobile. “Our FIFA franchise and the successful launch of F1 fueled the outperformance of our net bookings, delivering another quarter above expectations,” said Chief Financial Officer Chris Suh.

However, EA has plenty of reasons to celebrate: In addition to signing a $45 million deal with LaLiga, Spain’s top soccer league, the company is also gearing up for a collaboration with Marvel on its upcoming FIFA 23.

Original report from El Metro.

Written by Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF.


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